When will I receive my order?
Orders are custom made. They’ll take about 2 weeks to arrive. If you are past the 2 week mark and have used the track package function found on your order confirmation, email us at 
esa.communications@electricalsafety.on.ca and we’ll track it down.

Can I change my order once I submit it?
No. Every order is custom made, so once you complete your purchase, there is no way to change it.

Can I refund my order?
No. Because each order is custom made, no refunds are available after your order has been submitted. 

Can I ship my order to an address different than my business?
No. You can only ship to your business address.

Can I increase or decrease my order quantity once I place my order?
No. Every order is custom made, so once you complete your purchase, there is no way to change it.

What if I make a spelling mistake, or typo on my order?
We urge you to make sure that everything is correct when you submit your order. There really are no changes allowed once your order has been submitted.

Will I receive a proof before you print?

No. That’s why it’s vitally important to get it right when you place your order.

How do I reorder?
Just go online and place your order again.

Do I need to be a Licensed Electrical Contractor with a valid ESA/ECRA license to order?
Yes. No exceptions here.

Is ESA endorsing my business in any way by offering this program?
Absolutely not. You must adhere to all of the ESA policies and procedures when using the ESA/ECRA mark. This in no way says that ESA is endorsing your company.

Can I call somebody to speak to them about this program?
To keep costs as efficient as possible, we offer email support only. Please email us at esa.communications@electricalsafety.on.ca and we’ll do our best to respond quickly to your question.

Why do we have to pay for these materials?
ESA has paid for all of the creative design costs up front. The charges are strictly for the printing and customization of the material with your company name.